I love my dog(s) so much!

Let’s see if this photographic experience is for you…

  •  You love your dog(s) so much  – YES!
  •  You are worried that your dog(s) may not behave during the session – YES… POSSIBLY
  •  You are worried about being shy or not photogenic in front of the camera – YES.. MAYBE
  •  You are worried that you don’t have a lot of time left with your dog(s) – YES… MAYBE


…This experience is definitely for you

My promise to you

  • I promise to listen to your story
  • I promise to pose you, guide you and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and even have a great time
  • I promise to capture beautiful images of your dog(s) – Most dogs aren’t  trained to pose –  It’s my job to capture the best images.
  • I promise that you will never regret investing in these beautiful memories of your dog(s) and that you will cherish them forever
Torque with his mom Sabrina
Torque with his mom Sabrina

“Thank you so much for these photos. Since we lost our handsome Torque I’ve been looking at these photos constantly. It’s really helping me through his loss ❤ – Sabrina Campbell