Creativity Is Key to Great Family Photography

If you have a family, you’ve almost certainly been a part of family photography.  Whenever families get together, it’s natural for cameras to come out – whether capturing spontaneous moments as they happen or getting people together for posed group shots.

When you want truly great family photography, your best bet is to hire experienced professionals – but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some nice snapshots at any family get-together.  Here are some tips to help you take some nice family photos during the upcoming holidays, or any time you’re together!

Four Tips for Taking Better Family Photographs

  1. Fun activities make for fun photos

One reason a lot of family pictures can feel boring and stale is that, often, the family members are uncomfortable.  They were herded into a room and told to smile, and it comes off as forced.  Get around this by encouraging fun activities that will make everyone feel more comfortable.

You’ll get some great action shots, and chances are, everyone having a good time will lead to much more natural smiles later.

  1. Be engaging

If you’re doing staged photos, don’t rush things.  Chat with people as they line up.  Crack jokes.  Make them laugh.  The more you can do behind the camera to get people to loosen up, the better the pictures will look when you do start taking them.

  1. Shoot fast, shoot plenty

Always have your camera (or phone) near at hand during family gatherings, because you never know when a great moment will happen.  You may only have seconds to grab your camera and start shooting.  When you do, don’t hold back.  Everyone uses digital cameras these days, so there is no reason to be stingy about snaps taken.

One of the secret tricks of great photographers is simply that we take a huge number of shots. We might take and discard dozens of pictures, just looking for that one perfect shot where everything looks amazing.  Do the same.

  1. Get lots of different group shots

Undoubtedly, you have complicated dynamics in your family, where different groups of people bring out different aspects of each other’s personality.  Use this!  Shoot as many different combinations of family members as you can, looking to capture those unique group dynamics.

Or, if you want some amazing family photography that you can all treasure for years, contact Champagne Photography to schedule a full professional session.

How Great Photographers Plan for Boudoir Photography

sexy boudoir

When a woman wants to get a great ego boost and feel better about herself, boudoir photography is a great option!  A skilled photographer knows how to make anyone look beautiful, and the result will be a set of pictures you can treasure and enjoy for many years to come.

All types of photography have their unique challenges, and boudoir photos are no different.  Here are some of the ways master photographers can make you look amazing!

Five Tricks for Creating A Great Boudoir Photography Session

  1. Focusing on the person, not the body

It’s a common misconception that boudoir photography is smutty.  Yes, the pictures can be described as intimate, but they are not about objectifying the subject(s).  Boudoir photos are about expressing inner beauty, as well as outward beauty, to create a series of pictures that make a person look their very best.  A skilled photographer knows how to keep the focus on the person, rather than any particular physical aspect.

  1. Picking poses early on

Boudoir sessions are generally a bit less spontaneous than other photography sessions, with more pre-planning involved – particularly in the posing.  It’s very typical for a photographer to go through large selections of pictures with their client, looking for shots and poses which will look good for their client.  Making the client feel comfortable and supported is an important part of the job!

  1. Mood lighting

Boudoir photos almost always have restricted lighting, which a good photographer knows how to control.  Often, light is used to highlight certain parts of the subject, while leaving others in shadow, for a very “noir” sort of feel.

  1. Fascinating poses

Posing in boudoir photography must strike a careful balance because it is not naturalistic.  Rather, it’s hyper-realistic.  Every pose should create an interesting silhouette, and interesting shapes, ones which a person probably wouldn’t make in real life – but without being so over-the-top it becomes distracting.

  1. A focus on the eyes

What’s the most important part of the body in boudoir photography?  The eyes!  As the saying goes, they are the mirror of the soul, and a smoldering look can say far more than any particular pose or costume.  A great boudoir photographer will always make the eyes a primary focal point.

Champagne Photography celebrates life in all its forms!  From birthdays to boudoir shots, contact us for masterful photographic sessions.