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Capture the magic of love with photographs that tell your unique story

You work hard for everything you love most in your life –  your family,  your pets, your own well being. That deserves celebration. We’re here to help you honour, celebrate and immortalize what matters most to you through unique, authentic and fun photo session experiences.   What if you could create beautiful moments that inspire you daily? Let’s do that!  We turn your love into art!

If you’re been searching for a dog photographer or family photographer that will make you feel comfortable and provide you with breathtaking portraits, look no further.  At Champagne Photography, we want to know who you love and why… and we will take care of the rest.     Tell us who you love and we will capture the magic now, so you can cherish it forever.

Mom with her beloved daughters captured by Champagne Photography - Dog and Family photographer
Mom with her beloved daughters

We know that being in front of the camera can be intimidating, and that you may have some doubts on how good your images will look.  It is our job to provide guidance and recommendations during our consultation call.  It is our job to make you feel comfortable, pose you and make sure you are comfortable and have a good time in front of the camera.


Sasha, Murphy and their mom Julie photographed by Champagne Photography
Sasha, Murphy and their mom Julie under their favourite tree

We want to tell your story:  who do you love and why.   Let us show you how beautiful you are!  Let’s create magic and artwork together that you will have forever.

We service the following regions, but not limited to Kawartha Lakes, Durham region and Greater Toronto Area.  Dog and Family Photographer and more..

About the Photographer

Vicky Champagne is an award-winning narrative photographer who loves storytelling.

“I love nothing more than to tell stories,” shared Vicky. “Stories of love that is. Love for a child, a spouse, a parent, a pet, a sport, a hobby, love for ourselves or love for life itself.”  Vicky makes it her mission to capture the unique beauty of each family she photographs. By listening closely and observing deeply, Vicky is able to truly understand their story – something that earns her clients’ trust and enables them to open up in new ways.  Through these special connections, amazing stories unfold through imagery.