Storybook-Like editing Tutorial & Mentoring

Narrative photography is the idea that photographs can be used to tell a story.

I absolutely adore storytelling through my images.  I love hearing stories and finding the best way to convey the story trough my images.   I want people to imagine the story, feel the emotions just by looking at my photographs.

What does the image say to you?  How does it make you feel?   Does it make you recall a moment in your life?  Does it make you dream?  Does it make you wonder?

I am always looking for new narrative photography projects to work on.

I want to teach you how to create your own narrative photography and how to edit your images to look like a storybook!   No matter if you photograph kids, pets,  adults, farm animals… you can make this tutorial for you and about the stories you want to tell.

For only $35,  you can start with learning how to transform your images and create unique and compelling pieces of art.

Global News Morning Show - "My Dog & Me" Project