I love my horse(s) so much!

Let’s see if this photographic experience is for you…

  •  You love your horse(s) so much  – YES!
  •  You are worried that your horse(s) may not behave during the session – YES… POSSIBLY
  •  You are worried about being shy in front of the camera – YES.. MAYBE
  •  You are worried that you don’t have a lot of time left with your horse(s) – YES… MAYBE

My promise to you

  • I promise to listen to your story
  • I promise to pose you, guide you and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and even have a great time
  • I promise to capture beautiful images of you and your horse(s)
  • I promise that you will never regret investing in these beautiful memories of your horse(s) and that you will cherish them forever
Taylor and her precious horse
Taylor and her precious horse

“Vicky’s photography skills are truly exceptional. I’ve always wanted a beautiful photograph of my two horses together, but their unwillingness to cooperate and behaviour for such a shot had made me hesitant to book a photographer. However, Vicky’s professionalism and unwavering patience in working with my spirited equine friends left me astounded. She expertly crafted numerous outstanding images that exceeded my expectations immensely. I cannot thank her enough!! ” – Taylor Drake