A Professional Guide to Newborn Baby Photography

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Photograph of newborn baby in Mississauga

If you’ve just welcomed a new member into the family, you’re likely excited to capture some precious moments so the relatives can stop hounding you for baby photos. But photographing a newborn isn’t always a walk in the park, which is why it’s helpful to prepare and have some tips on hand.

As one of Mississauga’s leading newborn baby photography studios, Champagne Photography has helped many parents capture the smiles and laughs of their new family members. That’s why we wanted to share some insight into the process below.

Stick to a Feeding Schedule 

When photographing a newborn, it can be difficult if they’re not on a regular feeding schedule. Of course, sometimes, they might be hungry at a moment when you haven’t planned. But preparing a normal feeding schedule prior to your first baby photography appointment will make things go much smoother and help prevent them from being anxious and in tears because they’re hungry. For babies a week or two old, a good feeding schedule is every two hours.

The Best Time to Photograph Newborns 

The best time to schedule a newborn baby photography session is often a week after a mother’s due date. At this time, five to ten days after birth, the baby is more likely to offer poses reflective of the womb, curling up at times to sleep. Additionally, they also sleep more and stick to a steady schedule of eating every two hours. Newborn babies around a week old are also still used to being naked and less likely to protest when taking pictures of them without their clothes.

Baby Safety

When photographing your newborn, there are some safety precautions to keep in mind to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Firstly, remove all jewelry and make sure your nails are filed smoothly to avoid scratching the baby. Keep your hands sanitized and never leave the baby unattended. You should also have a clear idea of the poses you want your photographer to shoot and help them prepare your child. All these safety rules go for both the photographer as well as the parent and anyone else present during the newborn photography shoot.

Let us capture your newborn’s precious moments! 

Want to make certain your newborn is photographed beautifully? The best way is to hire a professional newborn photography team, like Champagne Photography. Call us today at (416) 704-7653 to schedule a session and learn more or visit us online to learn about our additional portrait photography services.

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