Newborn Babies and Pets Make the Best Holiday Pictures

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If you have a newborn in your family, you’re probably taking so many pictures of them already.  But the holidays are around the corner, and there will only be one Baby’s First Christmas.  So, you want the pictures to be as special as possible!

If you can add a fur baby to the mix, even better.  After all, nothing is cuter than pets or babies… except pets and babies!

Now, if you want a truly amazing shoot, the best option is to go to a studio that specializes in newborn baby photography.  But if you know a few tricks for working with babies and pets, you can still capture great memories of your first Christmas together.

Four Professional Newborn Baby Photography Tricks for Great Holiday Shots

  1. Your camera never leaves your side

When working with kids and pets, you never know when something amazing will happen.  You need to be like an old-school gunslinger, ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.  Don’t let your camera leave arm’s reach!

  1. Turn off the flash

A flash can easily scare kids or pets, so be sure to turn it off before taking any pictures.  If possible, encourage your subjects to be in rooms with a lot of natural lighting.  Try using a slower shutter speed, or raising your ISO, to use as much ambient light as possible.

(Yes, high ISO pictures can be a bit grainy… but that’s far better than scaring your baby with a flash!)

  1. Always shoot rapid-fire

Pets and babies both move around a lot, and of course, they’re very difficult to pose manually unless they’re asleep. The solution to getting great holiday shots is simply to shoot, shoot, shoot.  Get as many pics as you possibly can, then sort through them later looking for the best ones.

  1. Stay “in the moment”

It’s easy to get fixated on trying to capture that perfect postcard shot… even if the subjects won’t cooperate.  Try not to get locked into a vision of the picture you want.  Work with what they’re giving you.  Sometimes the best holiday pics are the most ridiculous “outtake” moments!

For Amazing Newborn Baby Photography, Call In Champagne Photography!

Champagne Photography is devoted to celebrating life in all its forms, and we love working with babies.  Or pets.  Or both!  To schedule a session, just contact us.


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