How to celebrate child birthday during covid?

How to celebrate a child’s birthday during covid?

It’s hard to celebrate a child’s birthday during the pandemic. There are so many things that you can’t do, and the last thing we want is to disappoint our kids. But don’t worry, we’ve got an idea to make birthdays special. Whether you want to have a small celebration at home with a couple of friends or have many friends gather in a park, we’ve got something for you. So read on and find the perfect way to celebrate your birthday this year!

Super girl power
Super girl power showing her strength

Having a child’s birthday party can be lots of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Coming up with ideas for what to do can be tricky, especially during the pandemic. One great option is to have a photoshoot! Not only will your child enjoy it, but you’ll have fun memories to look back on for years to come.

Super girls showing her force
Super girls showing her force
sister superheros running
sister super heroes running







If you only want the close family to participate and a couple of close friends, you can create a themed photoshoot in your backyard. But if you want to invite a larger group, why not take the party to a park! And don’t forget that winter photos are very nice too!

Superhero girls tag team
Superhero girls tag team celebrating victory


Superhero photos
Photos showing superhero kids

Sister fun!

-Pick a location. Whether you stay home or go to a park, make sure the setting is perfect for your child’s birthday party photoshoot.

-Choose a theme. If your child is into superheroes, pirates, princesses or any other theme, let that guide your decorations and props.

-Get creative with the costumes and decorations and have your child participate in the preparations. This will make the photoshoot even more special for them.

-Make sure you have enough time to take photos of all the guests. It’s no fun if some people have to leave before the party is over!

-Make a cake that match with the theme and take photos of your child and friends around it wearing their costumes.

-Take lots of photos! You’ll want to have a record of this special birthday. And don’t forget to send copies to the birthday child’s friends!

little superhero
small but mighty superhero

We hope these ideas help you plan a fun, memorable photoshoot birthday. If you don’t feel up to taking the photos, you can always find a local photographer that will take them for you, turning this milestone event into a professional photoshoot!

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