Five Creative Family Photography Shot Ideas

In many ways, the hardest thing about family photography is finding ways to keep it fresh.  After all, you can only see so many “everyone sit and stare at the camera” pictures before they all blur together.  Great family photography doesn’t simply mean having a having all the family members within the picture frame, it means capturing the unique essence of that particular family!

So, with the holidays coming up soon, this seems like a great time to talk about creative family shots that you’ll love – and will capture your family’s unique style.

Five Family Photography Shot Ideas That Everybody Will Love

  1. Pose like a child’s drawing

If you’ve got small ones in the family, they’ve probably drawn some pictures of you – and those pictures are probably pretty creative.  Or at least unusual.  Copy the pose and composition of the drawing to create a truly original shot and try to get the original drawing in the shot too.

  1. Use reflections and refractions

Want to make a boring shot more interesting?  Bounce it off a mirror.  Shoot through a crystal ball.  Utilize the properties of light moving to compose shots that you can’t get by simply shooting straight at the subjects.

  1. Shoot in front of a decorated chalkboard 

Another great way to get a family’s personality into a shot is by giving them a way to express themselves.  Find a big blackboard – or whiteboard – and turn the family loose.  Once they’ve filled it with their creations, take shots of them in front of it.

(This is a GREAT way to make unique holiday cards to send to the extended family!)

  1. Recreate a scene from your favorite holiday movie

Almost everyone has a favorite holiday film and favorite scenes in it.  Maybe it’s Ralphie in his bunny suit. Or Clark Griswold and family in front of their Christmas lights and home.

Whatever your favorite scene is, recreate it for your family photo!

  1. Do a classy silhouette shot

Shots of silhouetted figures against a bright background always look impressive, and they’re easy to stage almost anywhere.  Plus, this is a great cheat if someone isn’t looking their best, or the kids are messy.  Make sure to strike a creative pose!

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