Feel Like A Superstar with Boudoir Photography

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There’s photography for celebrating events. There’s photography for sharing with friends and family. There’s photography for the holidays.

But there’s also photography that’s just for youand making you feel as beautiful, as confident, and as wonderful as possible:  boudoir photography.  Why?  Because you deserve it! 

Presenting the Sexy You with Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is all about showing that anyone can look amazing, with the right photography.  If you have your hair and makeup done professionally on the day, you can look even more amazing.  It can be a full day devoted solely to showing off just how good you can look when you’ve got access to the same resources as movie stars and runway models!

There are so many reasons people ask for a boudoir session. For example:

  • Alternative wedding photos, commemorating the honeymoon
  • Celebrating weight loss or another body-changing goal
  • Hitting a milestone birthday
  • Overcoming a serious illness
  • Creating a very special gift for your lover (Christmas is coming up!)
  • Pushing past the changes that come from childbirth
  • Feeling better after the end of a relationship
  • Any time you want a huge self-esteem boost

Oh, and can the boudoir shoot be a couples shoot?  Absolutely!  The shoot is all about making you look and feel amazing.

What To Expect From A Boudoir Photography Session

It’s pretty common for people to come to us, curious about a boudoir session but not quite sure what it entails.

Well, the first and most important element is your own comfort!  We want you to be as relaxed as possible, so you can produce great pictures.  The session can be conducted in your bedroom if you like, or in a set made up to closely resemble the sort of shots you’d see in makeup or perfume ads.

How much skin is shown, and what you wear, is entirely up to you.  The photographer will work with the sort of look that you want.  Plus, after all, sometimes more clothing is sexier than less!

As for the shoot itself, you’ll be guided through the entire event.  Your photographer knows how to get great shots, and you can trust them to make everything look as good as possible.  The session will last at least an hour, and could even last several, if you want to some wardrobe changes.

In short, if you want to feel great about yourself, the boudoir shoot is a perfect way to do it.  Contact Champagne Photography to learn more!

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