5 Tips for Your Next Family Photography Session

Family photography can be a great way to capture those precious moments between you and your family, but it can also be a little stressful without the right preparation. That’s why going into your next family photo session with a few helpful tips can make it much easier. As one of the area’s top family photography studios, Champagne Photography has helped plenty of families capture moments to cherish for a lifetime.

Below, they’ve gathered some tips to help ensure your next photoshoot is a complete success!

Choose Appropriate Clothing

If you’re shooting outdoors during the summer, you probably don’t want to dress the whole family in suits and ties or other clothing better suited to fall and winter. Conversely, during the colder months, you should dress accordingly. Remember, the right clothing will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your family photoshoot.

Come Well-Rested

Family photography sessions don’t have to be stressful. However, they do require a lot of energy and can take a significant amount of time, so be sure you and all your family arrive well-rested. This will make it easier to follow the directions of the camera crew and ensure that for every photo, you and your family members look alert and attentive.

Include the Pets!

Many consider their favorite four-legged friend part of the family, so why not include them in your next photoshoot as well? Bringing your pet or pets along can be a great way to do something a little different. Just be sure to try and train them a bit beforehand and bring along a few toys to keep them occupied when they’re not in front of the camera.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Rushing around and preparing last minute for a photoshoot can stress you out, and that stress can transfer to your partner and other family members. Before a shoot, give yourself plenty of time to prepare: lay out your clothes ahead of time, pack any necessities, and try to arrive at the location early to minimize stress and maximize smiles!

Have Fun!

Having fun during your family photoshoot is one of the best ways to capture those special moments. Try to be relaxed and think of playful poses or games you usually play as a family. Choosing a unique location is another great way to have fun while in front of the camera.

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