5 Couple Photography Tips for You & Your Partner

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photograph of a happy and smiling family

With the holidays right around the corner and Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, having a couple photography session can be a great way to wrap up the year or even snap some photos for your annual greeting cards. As one of the leading photo studios in Mississauga, Champagne Photography has helped plenty of couples celebrate the season with a personalized photo shoot.

Below are a few tips and ideas to help inspire you this year!

Stick to Your Strong Poses 

When taking photographs of couples, too many poses can muddle things up. You might want to get the most bang for your buck, but often striking one pose after another can cause things to look a bit unnatural in the end. Stick to several poses that you find comfortable and unique. Perhaps you have a particular way of embracing each other: these types of poses will make it easier for a photographer to snap the perfect picture.

Choose the Location in Advance 

Are there some locations that you love to frequent around the house or in the neighborhood? Perhaps there’s a nearby park where you like to spend time with your partner. These types of locales make great destinations for photo shoots. This is because they’re personal and reflect a location you both love as well as familiar, making you more comfortable during the process.

Add Kids & Pets

Are you trying to come up with some fun Valentine’s Day ideas for your photoshoot? Maybe you’re just looking to do something different. One way you can do so is to include some guests in the pictures, like your children or favorite furry friends. You could even dress up your four-legged friends as cupid if they don’t mind of course.

Wear What Feels Comfortable

When it comes to couple or family photography, it’s ok to look your best, but always dress comfortably. If you’re shooting photos outside, dress for the season; this means no skimpy clothes during cold fall weather or three-piece suits in the summertime. This will help you relax during the photo shoot as well as make the scene much more realistic.

Contact us for couple photography this Valentine’s Day! 

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