4 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask About Boudoir Photography

When it comes to spicing things up with your partner or showing them your more intimate side, boudoir photography can provide a great opportunity. However, there are also a lot of misconceptions about the art form, which is why the team from Champagne Photography is here to clear things up.

Below you’ll find answers to the four questions you’ve always wanted to ask about boudoir photography, so read on.

Do You Have to Get Naked? 

This is the first thing people assume who haven’t done much research about boudoir photography. It’s not the high-class equivalent of sending nudes! The goal of the boudoir photographer is to capture all the sultry mystique of the boudoir while also maintaining the client’s privacy, dignity, and most important of all, their boundaries. No clothes ever come off unless you communicate explicitly it’s something you want to do.

What Exactly Does “Boudoir” Mean Anyway? 

The word “boudoir” has quite the history. It’s a derivative of the French word “boudeur,” which means “sulky or in a pouty sort of mood.” However, this word eventually transformed into what became referred to as the boudoir, or bedroom, encompassing all the things that go on behind those closed doors. In this sense, it carries an attractive mystique and intimate sensuality today’s leading photographers try to subtly capture.

What About the Wardrobe? 

Are you worried that you won’t have anything exciting enough to wear for your boudoir photo shoot? Perhaps you want to try something different but aren’t quite sure what will look best on you. You’ll be glad to know that many of today’s leading boudoir photography studios also have extensive wardrobes to choose from, with some exquisitely sexy lingerie and outfits (which are dry-cleaned after each use). Of course, you’re also encouraged to bring along items from your own closet. This is because some familiar pieces of lingerie will make the pictures more personal both for you and your partner.

How Do You Make Clients Feel Comfortable? 

Being in a room with a camera crew you don’t know and stripping down to your undergarments can certainly seem intimidating. However, many photography teams will help you lighten the mood a bit by sharing a glass of champagne with you and finding some of your favorite tunes to listen to while the shoot is going on. This helps everyone feel a bit more comfortable and makes the photo shoot fun and a bit less serious.

Let us help you capture your sultry side! 

Want to capture what goes on in your boudoir? Champagne Photography can help, so give us a call at (416) 704-7653 or visit us online for a closer look at our portrait and baby photography services.

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